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Necessity for Unconscious Bias Training
The world is diverse in its entirety. This is because it entails people of all cadre, race and ethnicity. And with greater networking people are always on move to find the right place for settlement. Because of these differences in race among other unique differences, there are instances in which racists incidents arise and this threatens the wellbeing and harmonious working of the people. Unconscious bias training is the antidote for all those shortcomings as it enables companies to become more diverse and strive to make them more inclusive. It is an approach that is employed by many people to ensure the welfare of others is taken into consideration. Some of the purposes or the need for unconscious bias training is as discussed below.
Creation of awareness of bias and its impact. Mostly with the differences that exist among people, there rises the inferiority or superiority complex depending on the environment that one is in. This implies that members from a different community or environment in which one is in may be subjected to bias. Depending on whether it is employment opportunity or performance appraisal, the exercise is carried out with biasness. With unconscious bias training, it is easy for such awareness to be created on the negative side of the bias that is the impact of bias that ends up denying qualified personnel the opportunity to practice their profession.
It teaches people to manage the biases, change behavior and track the progress. It is almost impossible for bias to be done away with. This is because behavior is formed out of that biasness and hence it is not easy to do away with that bias. Through unconscious bias training people are taught on how to change their behavior in terms of stereotypes they have for particular people or race and hence create inclusion in all their undertakings. It enables people to coexist harmoniously.
Unconscious bias training allows people to reconnect with people whose experiences are different from theirs. This means that people are able to interact freely and share their unique experiences with others. This assists in bringing diversification and standardization in all sectors of life as people are able to assist each other in due process of making policies among other things. It is a long term commitment in which people think it is important to adhere to the policies set from the many experiences people share.
It encourages interaction among people from different groups. Forming relationships with members of other groups helps to widen the social networks. This helps to reduce the stress and prejudice that comes with interaction with other members from another race. By attending physical or virtual classes, it is easy for one to understand the members from other races and this helps to clear out the air or prejudice that they have with them. It eases the pressure and hence assists in making movement to other group. Through the training sessions, it is easy for one to expand his or her inner circle as people are able to know their colleagues.

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