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Same Day Delivery in the Retail Market

Same day delivery services are gaining popularity in the retail market. The growth of eCommerce has shifted retail sales towards online stores, and pure eCommerce players such as Amazon are trying to grab market share by offering same day delivery services. In the process, they are setting new standards and raising the expectations of consumers. While some industries have been slow to adapt, others have made great strides in the same day delivery sector.

Today, two-thirds of retailers use department and mall stores as local fulfillment centers. Another fifth use ship-from-store methods. While same-day delivery services can be offered in a few markets, as volumes grow, most companies will need to expand their technology solutions and resources to provide same-day delivery services across large regions. Fortunately, the right technology solutions and partnerships will help businesses expand their services quickly.

Same day delivery services are perfect for urgent shipments, such as medical supplies, and are ideal for shipments with a shorter shipping time. When using a same-day delivery service, a professional courier will analyze the specific requirements of your shipment and match it to the best method of transportation, whether it’s air or ground. Moreover, a good same-day service will provide an automatic tracking link for customers once the parcel leaves the hub.

A company should have multiple warehouse locations, a good inventory management system, and local courier connections to provide same-day delivery services. Providing same-day delivery services to consumers can be a boon to small and medium-sized businesses. In the long run, this type of service will lead to increased profits for the company.

In the short term, same-day delivery services will allow online retailers to capture a greater share of the total retail market. In the long term, same-day delivery services will also foster the sale of DIY products such as tools, which are often purchased for immediate use. A company can offer same-day delivery services only if they have high growth potential and sufficient financial resources.

While next day delivery services can deliver goods as early as the next morning, same day delivery services have an earlier cut-off time. Generally, the cut-off time for same-day deliveries is noon, which gives couriers plenty of time to deliver the goods. It also gives customers an opportunity to buy other products while waiting for the products to arrive.

Walmart is another company that has begun offering same-day delivery services. With more than 5,000 stores nationwide, the company is taking advantage of their distribution network. The company has launched a service in six cities, which is similar to Google Express. This service does not require a membership fee, and prices are based on the time of day the customer places their order.

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