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Why is there an extra charge for travel?
I feel that it is important to make myself available to people who need good, reliable, pet sitting services regardless of where they live in the Blanco/Wimberley area. Since this area covers a lot of territory and travel distances often exceed 30 miles it is necessary to charge extra for this service.
Why can't I get a firm quote for pet sitting services over the telephone or by e-mail?
It's important that each situation is assessed individually, therefore firm quotes can not be given over the phone. The free initial consultation will provide specific information about your pets, their environment, and their routine. This information is used to determine the best pet-sitting package for your needs. There is no obligation with this visit and it takes approximately 40-55 minutes.
My dog has a lot of separation anxiety. Is it possible for
him/her to stay with your family while I am away on business?
Yes. Although it is not listed under the rates portion of the web site, I do provide for a pet to stay at our location (your pet must first be assesesed and approved). Only one or two dogs can stay at time and they have free access of our home and property. They are treated like family and will enjoy the extra love and attention of being part of the family. Rates are $20 for an overnight visit (a dog staying a full day and a full night). Rates are $13 for a day visit (a dog staying for an 8 hour day).
I work in Austin and often do not arrive home until 7 P.M. I feel guilty because I can
only let my dog out to use the bathroom a few times a day. Can you suggest anything?
Sure. The best thing for your situation is a mid-day potty break. You can choose the short or long version, or mix them up a bit. The short break is a quick turn out into the backyard and a little cuddle for the dog. The minimum time spent with your pet is 20 minutes, the rate is only $14. You can add a regular visit to this once or twice a week. This will provide your dog with a good walk or a game of catch and some companionship. This visit lasts for a minimum of 30 minutes and the rate is $18. We can also streamline a plan that will meet your and your pet’s specific needs. Just ask. We are happy to accommodate.
I have six cats. Are you able to take care of that
many cat boxes and will a once a day visit be enough?
That is not a problem as long as all your cats are indoor pets. With that many cats it is often necessary to add a few additional cat boxes so they have access to clean litter. Another solution is a regular visit (see Services area of web site) with an additional value visit. The value visit is perfect for a quick litter box cleaning and even an extra feeding.
What if I have outdoor cats?
Outdoor cats will require a little more attention. This is because their food is often attacked by ants or raccoons. You want to be certain that they have enough food to sustain them. It is best to have two feedings with outdoor cats, one in the morning and one at around dusk. You also want to ensure that they are safe and secure. A twice daily visit will give the pet sitter time to visually check that the cats are safe and happy.
What if I have indoor/outdoor cats?
If your cats usually have access to both the outside and interior of your home, it will probably be best (for safety reasons) to keep them inside during your absence. This is because an indoor/outdoor cat may be a flight risk if their “parent” is away from home. This is due to anxiety. Cats may be very independent but they are very set in their routines and that routine involves you. Therefore, if you are away from home longer than usual they may become overly anxious and begin to wander off, even if they have never done this before. They may not like being kept inside, but they will be safer and with some extra love and attention they will settle down and relax.
My dog chews on the furniture if I am gone longer than usual. What do you suggest?
A dog that displays anxiety behavior needs a lot of exercise and some extra attention. It is best to provide the dog with at least one long walk or a good game of catch each day. Also, you can limit the dog’s access to certain areas of the home. Another way to help calm your pet is to turn on the television or a radio talk station. Sometimes just hearing human voices is soothing to the animal.
My bird enjoys time outside of his cage. Will this be possible while I am away?
Sure. As long as your bird is not a flight risk, we can let him out so he can get a little exercise. We will try to stick to your regular routine as much as possible. Also, don’t forget to keep the radio or television on during the day so he can hear human voices. We will turn it off every evening.
I worry a lot about my pets when I am away. How will I know that they are alright?
I will be happy to email you a daily visit log. The visit log will describe the length of the visit and what type of services were performed (walk, litter clean, brush, play, cuddles). It will also provide you with your pets emotional state. If you prefer we can call you (please provide a cell telephone number) and leave a brief message for you.
My cats always hide from visitors. How will you know that they are okay?
When you have timid animals we suggest that a piece of cloth with the sitter’s scent be left near the food bowls prior to pet sitter’s arrival. This will familiarize your pet with the sitter’s scent. Once the sitter arrives they will determine that food and water have been consumed and litter boxes have been utilized. Then a sighting will be attempted by going to their favorite hiding places (these places were provided by you during the initial interview). Often the best method is to talk calmly to the pets and to not make them apprehensive by approaching them uninvited.

My pet requires special medications that include injections. Are you able to administer injections?

Yes, SecurePet is certified in both animal CPR and first aid. This includes administering injections, oral medications, and pills.
My pet is old and requires a lot of help getting up and walking. She needs
encouragement to eat all her food. Will your service be able to take care of her?
I will be happy to. I will help her get up and walk and encourage her to eat all her food. I give encouragement with calm words and a loving touch. In addition, a gentle massage of tender joints and hips will be given. Elderly pets are my specialty so you can rest at ease knowing that your faithful friend is in good hands.

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